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Scary Rich Slot review

Friday, October 15th, 2010

This may be the perfect video slot for Halloween.  It opens with a movie featuring all the best Halloween creatures from a mummy to Frankenstein.  If you love horror classics (the old fashion kind with monsters rather than chainsaws) you’ll have fun spotting the references in the symbols used in this game.  That figure holding the Jack-o-Lantern would be the Headless Horseman from “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” by Washington Irving.  Or how about the raven symbol from “The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe.  Dr. Frankenstein would of course be courtesy of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. (Note: Frankenstein was the name of the doctor in the novel. The creature he created was called Frankenstein’s monster.) You’ll also find a mummy (Read Elizabeth Peter’s Amelia Peabody series for some great Egyptian themed novels. Be sure to start at the beginning), a vampire, a witch and I believe the creature that I keep thinking looks like Bigfoot is actually a wolfman.

Spin the reels on this game and you’ll see some great skull action during the spinning.  Three or more Frankensteins (or Frankenstein’s monsters for the purists) will win you 10 free spins. And during the free spins the vampire wild symbol becomes an expanding wild to help with the winning.  The slot game has some nice and sometimes unexpected animation during the wins.  There are no “in game games” with this slot. You’ll have to rely on lucky spinning and those free spins if you play for real money.  Because the scary thing about this slot is how long you can spin without winning anything.

Grail Maiden Slots Review

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

I’m back for more Arthurian slots.  Since I reviewed Avalon slots the other day, I decided to give Grail Maiden a play today.  Besides it was the feature slot at (and I can’t afford real Vegas at the moment).  Now unless you’re up on your Arthurian literature, you may not know who the Grail Maiden was.  Elaine of Corbenic who was the mother of young Sir Galahad, who is Lancelot’s illegitimate son.  She was known as the Grail Maiden or Grail Bearer.

So, that establishes the Arthurian connection. But why can’t slots games take advantage of the wonderful Arthurian imagery and graphics that should be at their disposal? It’s not like these legends are tied up in copyright and trademark battles.  But the slots games seem to go with the bare minimum of symbols.  There is the Grail Maiden, the Grail, a horse and a knight, who could be Galahad or Lancelot but doesn’t resemble my idea of either. He could be King Arthur, because he does have that look about him.  The majority of the symbols are the standard 9, 10, J, Q, K, and A symbols.  They are done in a wonderful stained glass look, however I doubt the medieval churches used playing card symbols much in their windows.

But what about the play?  Well, here is where Grail Maiden is different.  While most slot games have pay lines that you have to chose to bet on, Grail Maiden pays on all lines. So you start with the symbols on the left and look to see if there is the same symbol on an adjacent reel. Then the next reel. It doesn’t matter which positions they have on the reel.  There have been a few games released or re-released with this “all pay” feature and we’ll probably see it more often in online games.

The game also has a free spin feature, though trigger this one is about as tricky as finding the holy grail.  You have to land the Grail Maiden on either reel 1 or 5 with the Knight landing in the opposite position. So if the maiden is on reel 1, he has to be on reel  5.  And you have to land the Grail symbol in between them, though it can be on reels 2, 3 or 4.  To encourage you, the King or Maiden symbol will light up when they fall into the first spot.  But it can bring your money (or virtual money if you’re spinning for free) back up.  You really need those bonus spins to keep the reels moving in this game.

The game is a pleasant way to spin away some time and I have to admit that waiting to see if I can hit the free spin bonus does keep me interested — for a time.  But I think I’m still in search of a favorite Arthurian slot game.

Secret Garden Slots Review

Friday, August 6th, 2010

This slot game has nothing in common with the book “The Secret Garden” except there is a locked gate that leads to a secret garden.  But secret gardens have always held a romantic appeal for me.  That little secret place where I can go to be alone, sit quietly sipping a cup of tea and read a good romance novel. Or sometimes a mystery novel (Check out “Vanish with the Rose” for a great garden focused romantic suspense by Barbara Michaels.)  But when I need to retreat to a secret garden and I’m trap inside with a computer, this is a slot game that works for me.  The design of the game suggest a walled garden with its vines and garden symbols.  There are roses of course but also squirrels and rabbits, fountains and watering cans. And a secret garden gate and a key.  The Garden Gate symbol will award you free spins of you hit three or more.  But the Key is the bonus icon and three of those will unlock the secret garden.

Sometimes I set myself a writing break goal like that I can play until I win some free spins or get a bonus round. Then I get back to the novel in progress.  Aiming for the bonus round generally means a fairly decent break time, so don’t expect to hit the bonus round too often.  But spinning the reels gives me plenty of time to think through a plot point. But if you play for money, the free spins will also do a lot toward boosting your bankroll.  You can also win free spins during the free spin round, which really helps out the bankroll.

The bonus round unlocks the gate to the secret garden where your challenge is to water as many plants as you can to revive the garden. You’ll earn coins by collecting flowers and possibly find the key to the next garden room. It’s a relaxing game in keeping with the theme of the game and one that will leave you feeling satisfied with your winnings.  If you like gardening and slots, this is the perfect game. Many people are surprised how many slots players are women, but Rival took that into account when creating this game.

Well, I hit the bonus round, so now back to plotting the next chapter.