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Lost 3D Slots Review

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

So, after the last disappointing Egyptian themed slot game, I was in the mood for something a little more promising when a little searching turned up something called Lost. Now I was a bit wary of it, thinking it might have been about that TV show that drove everyone crazy and that I stopped watching because I became as the title suggested – lost.  But no, Lost the slot game is actually a Lost Treasures slot game where we follow Dr. Dakota Bones as he searches for the pharaoh Ah-Amdad’s treasure chamber.  That’s all in the game info page.  Now there is no real Pharaoh Ah-Amdad and if you search for info on him, you’ll turn up the Lost slot game.

Now this is one of the 3D slot games that I’ve become fond of. It has a great background and design that features Egyptian ruins and a sometimes chatty Dr. Dakota. If you play with the sound on, he’ll offer some advice and encouragement throughout the game.  Other icons include a canteen half buried in desert sand, an ankh, the eye of horus, a swinging axe and a blue dog that seems to be standing in for Anubis.

There are enough bonuses here to make even me happy. The best one if playing slots for real money would be the Center Reel Respins. Everytime you win a spin the center reel respins with a multiplier bonus while the other reels hold steady. In slot terms, this means winning more money. There’s also a Center Wild Reel bonus where landing the Cobra Staff on the center reel, it triggers a Wild bonus where wild expands to fill the entire reel and double your winnings.

There are two other bonus games. The Monkey Click Me is one I seem to hit most often. Here we encounter Farooq, Dr. Dakota’s monkey. Farooq only hangs out on the fourth reel where if you land him, he’ll appear between two rows of symbols and reveal prizes as you click the symbols.  I get to click until I hit the “Collect” symbol, so a great way to score a little extra playing money.

The big bonus game is the Mummy’s Tomb Bonus. Now landing four Eye of Horus symbols (a good luck symbol that looks like an eye with a comma) on the reels to trigger this is tricky. I’m beginning to suspect that it happens about as often as I stumble over Egyptian relics, but I persevere.  Actually, I’ve given up preserving after a couple of hours spinning this game. I’m beginning to doubt that it’s actually possible to trigger this bonus game, but should anyone do so, you get to help Dr. Dakota look for hidden treasure. But there are also mummies on the move, so choose carefully.  Four spins because I can’t ever get to the bonus game.

Ancient riches cashdrop

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

Today I’m checking out Ancient Riches Cashdrop, a slot game about fruit.  Really, it’s about fruit and the occasional symbol that might be Cleopatra wearing a helmet. Oh, and there are some pyramids in the corner because nothing says ancient like pyramids. Also this is one of those slots with offset reels that drives me nuts because I can’t tell what’s lining up with what.

Now there are two objectives here. One is to line up symbols for win. The other is to line up colors to make things explode. Okay, I may not have that exactly right, but I’m going by what’s happening when I play. If I get a line of different symbols but the same color border, they explode and other symbols take their place.  If I line up symbols, regardless of the color border, I win some money. There’s also a jackpot scatter but I have to play for real money for it to work. Yeah, so not gonna do that. But I have to admit – the exploding part is fun.

So, let’s talk symbols for a moment. There are grapes, cherries and watermelons. I guess the ancients ate those, though I’m not sure they had them in the same part of the globe. We also have the number 7, which, well, that’s not how the Egyptians wrote the number seven. Then there’s something that looks like a hand-turkey. After consulting Wikipedia for Egyptian symbols, I’m going with Phoenix, because Egyptians didn’t draw hand-turkeys.  (Note: a hand-turkey is drawn by tracing the hand and making the thumb the turkey’s head and the fingers the tail feathers.)

Hand turkey

Egyptian Bennu or Phoenix

So red and blue symbol is a Phoenix hand turkey, right?

Rounding out the symbols, we have a scarab, a mummy mask and a Cleopatra.  Those all say Egypt as do the pyramids placed in the corner. Okay, they don’t all come from the same era in Egyptian history, but slots aren’t known for historical accuracy.

You know what, I’m giving this one three spins because it does have explosions. And a hand-turkey phoenix.  You can find this slot over at Lucky Free Slots.

Cleopatra Slots Review

Friday, November 19th, 2010

I have big news.  I’m going to Egypt on vacation this winter.  I’ll be on a cruise ship some of the time, but I don’t know if I’ll hit the casino.  But I’m looking forward to Egypt.  I plan to take a bunch of Elizabeth Peters Amelia Peabody mysteries along to read. Because there can’t be anything better than reading Elizabeth Peters in Egypt.  And maybe I’ll add Agatha Christie’s “Death on the Nile” to the list.  Murder , romance and Egyptology go together so well.

But today I’m checking out a little slots game called Cleopatra’s Pyramid.  Now, for those unfamiliar with Egyptology, which apparently includes the slots developer, Cleopatra doesn’t have a pyramid.  She ruled long after the age of the pyramid builders and would have been buried in a tomb.  And one of the reasons cited for the Egyptians moving from pyramids to tombs was treasure hunters. Those huge monuments to the dead king were a beacon saying “dig here!”  So, while I’m in Egypt, I won’t be visiting Cleopatra’s pyramid. Though I will visit pyramids! So, I’m playing some Egyptian themed slots to get ready.

Cleopatra’s Pyramid is a pleasant game with the look of sand and papyrus and Egyptian richness.  The base symbols are the 9, 10, J, Q, K and A that are standard to so many slot games that haven’t figured out they aren’t card games.  But there are enough Egyptian symbols to add interest including the Eye of Horus, a sarcophagus, and a sphinx.  Queen Cleopatra is the Wild symbol and you’ll hit the jackpot if you manage to line up five on an active payline.  The scarab is the scatter symbol and three or more will win you 15 free spins.  And the great pyramids trigger the bonus round.

I think I’m addicted to the bonus round.  It shows me a pyramid and I get to turn a stone on each level, trying to work my way to the top.  Each stone reveals a prize amount but the game stops when I turn over the asp.  So far, I haven’t made it to the top.  But if you want to enjoy a little desert fun with a hint of Egyptian gold, I suggest checking out Cleopatra’s pyramid.