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Pyramid Plunder slot review

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

I can’t resist Egyptian themed slot games or Egyptian themed books and last winter I finally made it all the way to Egypt! I did all the usual tourist things – saw the pyramids, rode a camel. Camels take a little getting used to but I rather enjoyed it.  Oh and yes, I got to go down into a pyramid. It was a smaller one with only a couple of chambers and apparently one of the easier ones to climb down into.  “Easy” means that you scoot down the slope bent double while trying to keep your footing on a long board with strips of wood nailed in it as steps.  Just your average pyramid.  But since I can’t get back to Egypt anytime soon, I’m enjoying an Egyptian themed slot game.

I’m playing Pyramid Plunder over at WinADay Casino and this may be one of my favorite Egyptian slots.  Fortunately there are a lot of Egyptian themed slots out there to choose from, so I can have lots of fun comparing them.  Pyramid Plunder is all gold and sand colored. I do have to say that the sandy stretches of the Egyptian desert are beautiful, and the game does capture the look of sandstone carvings.  And when you win, the winning symbols turn to full color symbols with animation. It’s fun.

Look for the gold! This slot game has an interesting twist when it comes to symbols. Two of the symbols can be either sandstone colored or gold, and if they’re good, it gives you an extra chance to win.  First, the mummy. If the mummy symbol appears on a gold background, it triggers the Mummy’s surprise. This is a bonus I haven’t seen in any other game.  The gold Mummy waits until all the winning symbols are paid out and then he turns around and breaks the stones of the reel he’s on. They fall and new symbols take their place. The game treats this like a whole new spin and calculates all the wins again.  And you can land more than one gold mummy on the reels for extra fun and winnings.

The other gold symbol can be the scarab.  If the scarab is gold, it triggers the Golden Scarab Spell where the scarab beetle leaves his frame and lands on another symbol to change it. This spell can make a non-winning combination into a winning one, so look for that golden scarab.

The game also features a pyramid treasure hunt. On the left side of the game, you’ll see a pyramid silhouette. The slot reels contain pyramid pieces and whenever you hit a Pyramid symbol on the reels, it is added to the pyramid silhouette.  So think of it as building a pyramid. When you have all four pieces of the pyramid, you’ll enter the bonus game. In the game, you’ll go into a pyramid and select three floor tiles to reveal a prize. You can win spins or cash bonus or a map to another pyramid.  If the prize is the Pick a Map prize, you get the name of the pyramid you’ll visit in the next treasure hunt. Nefertiti’s pyramid and Ramses pyramid hold the best prizes, so you want to find those maps.

Pyramid Plunder is a 5 reel, 20 payline slot game with bets starting at a penny a payline. There’s also a free play version available if you create an account at Winaday Casino. I have to admit, I’ve been enjoying the free play on this one.

Scary Rich Slot review

Friday, October 15th, 2010

This may be the perfect video slot for Halloween.  It opens with a movie featuring all the best Halloween creatures from a mummy to Frankenstein.  If you love horror classics (the old fashion kind with monsters rather than chainsaws) you’ll have fun spotting the references in the symbols used in this game.  That figure holding the Jack-o-Lantern would be the Headless Horseman from “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” by Washington Irving.  Or how about the raven symbol from “The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe.  Dr. Frankenstein would of course be courtesy of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. (Note: Frankenstein was the name of the doctor in the novel. The creature he created was called Frankenstein’s monster.) You’ll also find a mummy (Read Elizabeth Peter’s Amelia Peabody series for some great Egyptian themed novels. Be sure to start at the beginning), a vampire, a witch and I believe the creature that I keep thinking looks like Bigfoot is actually a wolfman.

Spin the reels on this game and you’ll see some great skull action during the spinning.  Three or more Frankensteins (or Frankenstein’s monsters for the purists) will win you 10 free spins. And during the free spins the vampire wild symbol becomes an expanding wild to help with the winning.  The slot game has some nice and sometimes unexpected animation during the wins.  There are no “in game games” with this slot. You’ll have to rely on lucky spinning and those free spins if you play for real money.  Because the scary thing about this slot is how long you can spin without winning anything.

Amazon Wild Slot Review

Friday, September 17th, 2010

I have a Mayan were-jaguar book out on a submission call with a publisher, so hot steamy jungles, jaguars and Mayans are on my mind.  Which makes Amazon Wild the perfect slot game to play.  Besides I really love the visuals of this game. Well, that may be why I wrote the book set in the Amazon.  I also lived in Central America growing up. Sometimes I miss the jungle.

But this slot game is just a visual feast.  Lots of green with Mayan pyramids in the background.  The wild symbol is the gold glyph for the Sun God, though he looks a bit more like the Aztec sun god too me.  Which is the one minor problem with the artwork here. Okay, it’s gorgeous. No relying on the old 9, 10, J, Q, K as a base symbol. We have a black jaguar, parrots, hummingbirds, orchids, bromeliads, and fuchsia.  The jungle really is like this. Mostly green but with fantastic punches of color for visual impact.  But those pyramids are definitely classical Mayan in design and the bottom messages as I spin say things like “Mayan, all Mayan” and “Sweet Child of the Maya.”  So, it strikes me that theme is based on the Maya.

Except the Mayan didn’t live in the Amazon.  If you want to see Mayan ruins, go to the Yucatan peninsula or as far south at Guatemala.  You’ll find pyramids and rain forests.  But you won’t find the Amazon river.  Actually, there is great debate over ancient civilizations along the Amazon river because the earth there lacks the stones to build big pyramids.  Signs of wooden structures are being found, but they are much more subtle than pyramids.  (See, we romance writers really do research our books.)

But back to the slot game.  In addition to the great visuals, it has a couple of bonuses to liven up the game. The Sun God is the wild symbol and if you get two or more on a reel, it will expand to fill the whole reel. Well, that gives you three wild symbols and doesn’t really happen often enough to dig you out of a big hole in the bankroll. But it is a fun little bonus.

Hit three, four or five map symbols and you’ll trigger the Amazon Map game.  The map game starts with the message “Select 3 ruins conquistador, see what treasure you will find.”  So, let’s stop for a history lesson.  First, the conquistadors weren’t after the gold in ruins.  The word conquistador means “conqueror.”  The conquistadors were known for taking the gold before the original owners were done with it.  But then there’s the Mayan aspect.

The Classical Mayan Civilization collapsed in the 9th Century, long before Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492.  So, the map game, my brave conquistador has you searching for gold in ancient pyramids in the wrong time frame and wrong location. You really do stand a better chance of striking it rich at slots.

Okay, all that said.  I like the game.  You can find it to play for free on sites like SkyVegas.

Moonlight Mystery Slot Review

Monday, July 19th, 2010

Make yourself a cuppa (tea that is) and settle in for some classic murder mystery action.   I love this slot because it’s like retreating into a mystery novel, but with the potential to make some money. Or lose some.  Because I never seem to win very often with this game.  But I’ve been playing a casino where I can play for free — no real money involved.  Always a great option for checking out a slot game before you risk real money.  And honestly, the online casino operators don’t mind if you play for free.

The slot opens with a little movie to set the scene.  It’s a dark night in London Town and Big been strikes the hour.  This is our introduction to the a classic Who-dunn-it mystery game that’s a little bit Clue and little bit Sherlock Holmes as it takes us back to the classic era of British mysteries.  When Miss Marple solved murder at the vicarage and Lord Peter Wimsey chased down red herrings.

Moonlight Mystery provides us with a collection of the usual suspects for a British Manor house mystery, the kind where Lord Dunnit drops dead after having mysteriously changed his will.  When you play the game, check out the pay table for a convenient listing of suspects. You’ll discover: The Professor, who looks more suspicious than professorly, The Butler who looks a very proper butler, The maid with golden curls, Lady Dunnit who looks down her nose at the others,  and Colonel Dunnit who looks properly stuffy.

To help solve the crime, you have the The Constable, helpfully blowing his whistle, The Doctor who seems a friendly sort of chap, and The inspector, with his deerstalker hat and pipe.  (That other well known detective who wears a deerstalker hat and smokes a pipe apparently brings up copyright and trademark issues.)

Of course this is a slots game so you’ll find a jackpot symbol (a magnifying glass) and a wild symbol (poison bottle) and an icon to trigger free spins (the lantern).  But what you’re after for the most fun is the “Body” icon.  Because pull up three or more Bodies and you’ll launch the Who Dunnit bonus round where you get to be the detective.  (Someone should tell the game manufactures that in a cozy mystery, we try to avoid the blood. But the red scribble on the bonus game shouldn’t upset the sensitive, because otherwise it’d be bothering me.)

Welcome to the Who Dunnit bonus round where on a dark and rainy night the Inspector and the Dcotor have been summoned to solve a murder at Dunnit Manor.  You’ll assist them by selecting the crime scene, the weapon, the culprit and the motive.  First you have to decide to investigate upstairs or downstairs.  Then you’ll be presented with a series of cards similar to “Clue” cards where you select rooms, murder weapons, suspects and motives.  Don’t worry about making a wrong choice because every card is a winner.  It’s just that some cards will win more coins than others.    Once you’ve solved the mystery and won some coins, the game will take you back to the slots reels to spin again.

If you love a good mystery novel and have always  been curious about playing slots, I recommend brewing a cup of Earl Grey and settling in for a little bit of fun spinning the reels with Moonlight Mystery.

Witches Wealth Slot Review

Friday, July 16th, 2010

Eye of newt and mandrake root ,
twinkling cat and wing of bat,
Create a Potion to put Reels in motion
Those who play with stealth
can win the witches wealth

I’m loving this slot game.  But the Witch-themed slots always seem to treat me well when it comes to money.  Maybe I’ve put a spell on them.  Witches Wealth starts with a little intro video where the witch casts a spell to create a fortune in gold, her witch’s wealth. And then with a wink, she invites us to play.

The game is a five reel, nine line slot game where you can select the number of coins you play per line as well as the value of the coins themselves.  So, you can play for pennies or pounds.  I’m playing Roxy Palace, an online gambling site that includes a practice play option so you can check out Witches Wealth without paying any money.  Just register with them and select Practice Play.

The symbols in Witches Wealth include Mandrake Root  (which is the least valuable symbol), a jar of eyeballs, a gold chalice, a cauldron, potion bottles, a spell book, and an owl (the most valuable regular symbol).  But then we get to the special symbols.  The Scatter Bat which wins where ever it’s scattered on the reels. Serena Wild Witch will substitute for all symbols except Mr. Twinkles so she can help raise your score.  And Mr. Twinkle is a cat with a double bonus feature – the Spinning Wand bonus and the Flying Cat bonus.  Match up three or more Mr. Twinkles and you’ll get to spin the wand for a bonus prize. If you’re lucky, you’ll move up to the next level, where Serena flies on her broom to rescue Mr. Twinkles and dodge falling objects.  These bonuses can put you 1600 to 16,000 coins ahead in prizes.

I can’t guarantee that the spell at the beginning of the blog will help you win, but it can’t hurt.