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Deep Sea Dosh Slots Review

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

Yes, I’m at Lucky Free slots again. See, I found a button at the bottom that says “see all free slots” and this led me to many treasures.  Now, here’s a secret – I have a fondness for the old fashioned three reel slot games.  Oh, they aren’t going to make me give up the fun and fancy 3D slots, but now and then, I do want to play a simpler game.  But Deep See Dosh slots may give me a touch of both.

Now Deep Sea Dosh is based on British Fruit machine or pub type slot.  I think I like “pub slot” better since it suggests sitting down with some Strongbow or Guinness while playing the game.  And since this is a “deep sea” slot game, maybe I should have some fish ‘n’ chips too.

Oh, where does the Dosh come from? It’s a slang term used to refer to money. So, the game is “deep sea money.”  Or in this case treasure, the kind that pirates kept in treasure chests.  Here the treasure chests have sunk to the bottom of the sea where Poseidon keeps an eye on them.  The background and theme here is a basic under the sea look with fishes and sharks.  And fruit because well, it is a fruit machine.

Now there are different rules here than in most slot games. At times you’ll be given the chance to hold some of the symbols and respin the others. Or to nudge one of the reels towards a win.  The important part of this is to remember to check the buttons below the symbol before spinning in case you’ve won a chance to hold or nudge the reels. And if you play for real money, keep in mind that these nudges and holds count as paid spins, not free spins.

Every now and then Poseidon will offer you some “deep sea dosh.”  When this happens, the treasure chests will open to reveal a percentage amount. Then some chests will be taken away. Your offer is one of the remaining chests, but first, Poseidon will make an offer that you can either accept or reject. Reject and more chests are taken away.

Oddly, adding more options to a 3 reel games seems to take away some of the charm.  For example, I get a hold option with Poseidon as one option. Of course I’m going to hold him because he’s the jackpot spin. So I only need 2 more.  So far, that hasn’t worked out.  In fact, I’ve eliminated my chances of spinning for any other win. Playing without holding anything seems to do just as well. The same with the Deep Sea Dosh. The first offer will be around 40%. You do just as well to take it.  I’ll give this one a 3 spin rating. It is a nice game, and if you’ve never played a Pub type slot, it’s worth trying. If it came with a pint of Strongbow, I’d probably bump it up to at least a 4.

Ancient riches cashdrop

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

Today I’m checking out Ancient Riches Cashdrop, a slot game about fruit.  Really, it’s about fruit and the occasional symbol that might be Cleopatra wearing a helmet. Oh, and there are some pyramids in the corner because nothing says ancient like pyramids. Also this is one of those slots with offset reels that drives me nuts because I can’t tell what’s lining up with what.

Now there are two objectives here. One is to line up symbols for win. The other is to line up colors to make things explode. Okay, I may not have that exactly right, but I’m going by what’s happening when I play. If I get a line of different symbols but the same color border, they explode and other symbols take their place.  If I line up symbols, regardless of the color border, I win some money. There’s also a jackpot scatter but I have to play for real money for it to work. Yeah, so not gonna do that. But I have to admit – the exploding part is fun.

So, let’s talk symbols for a moment. There are grapes, cherries and watermelons. I guess the ancients ate those, though I’m not sure they had them in the same part of the globe. We also have the number 7, which, well, that’s not how the Egyptians wrote the number seven. Then there’s something that looks like a hand-turkey. After consulting Wikipedia for Egyptian symbols, I’m going with Phoenix, because Egyptians didn’t draw hand-turkeys.  (Note: a hand-turkey is drawn by tracing the hand and making the thumb the turkey’s head and the fingers the tail feathers.)

Hand turkey

Egyptian Bennu or Phoenix

So red and blue symbol is a Phoenix hand turkey, right?

Rounding out the symbols, we have a scarab, a mummy mask and a Cleopatra.  Those all say Egypt as do the pyramids placed in the corner. Okay, they don’t all come from the same era in Egyptian history, but slots aren’t known for historical accuracy.

You know what, I’m giving this one three spins because it does have explosions. And a hand-turkey phoenix.  You can find this slot over at Lucky Free Slots.

Food Fight slots review

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

Since it’s the day before Thanksgiving here in the United States, I wanted to find a food themed slot game to review. Oddly, there are more food themed slots than I would have imagined. So today I’ve settled on Food Fight because, well, it said something about throwing around mashed potatoes. I’ve decided that if you’re in the middle of preparing Thanksgiving dinner and need a slot game that will help you blow off a little stress, this might be it. Oh, it’s not a fancy or complicated game, but it has some fun bonuses.

The game consists of food symbol like burgers, pizza and spaghetti. But there are also symbols that represent part of a food item and the challenge is to spin all three parts of the item and put the food together. So, there’s an ice cream cone, a scoop of ice cream and a chocolate topping — all as separate symbols. But if you land all three on a spin, you build an ice cream cone and win a bonus.  There’s also a bowl, a bunch of whipped cream and a cherry. This is the fun bonus. (No, not that kind of fun.) If you land the bowl, the whipped topping and the cherry, you launch a bonus game where you get to throw whipped cream pies at different characters, winning money until you hit the wrong character. It’s fun and a lot less messy than cleaning the kitchen if you try this for real.

Okay, this isn’t a sophisticated slot game, but it may give you a momentary break from the holiday stress. And you don’t have to feel the least bit guilty about hitting people with pies.

The Curse of Frankenstein slot review

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

Today I’m thrilled to see that I can get back into the demo play site for Skyvegas Casino.  Despite the “vegas” in the name, is actually a UK site and doesn’t accept US players, at least for real money. In the past, I’d been able to visit the site and play games in the demo mode and I love doing so because some of the British slot games are just so different from the games I see on US facing online casinos.  For a while there, I wasn’t able to play on Skyvegas, even in a purely demo game/no money mode, but today it let me back in so I had to check out a Halloween slot game.

I chose The Curse of Frankenstein which is a slot game based on the movie from Hammer Films. I know this because one of the symbols in the game is the Hammer Films logo, which is an obvious bit of advertising placement that I usually don’t see in slot games. But the Hammer Films logo is the symbol that awards free spins — just to make sure players are looking for it.  You can check Google News for more info on the film, but I found a movie poster to share.

There aren’t any bonus games other than the free spins but if you win with any of the character symbols – Dr. Frankenstein, the woman or the monster, the game plays a clip from the movie that features that character.  Just a bit of Frankenstein trivia. The book Frankenstein was written by Mary Shelley in the 1800s and is actually considered an early example of science fiction since the focus was on man’s (Dr. Frankenstein) ability to create life. The monster itself was not named Frankenstein but known as Dr. Frankenstein’s monster. Frankenstein was actually the doctor himself.  But it’s the monster who resonated with the reader over the ages.

Now, as for the slot game – The Curse of Frankenstein, well, I think the curse might be that this game is a bit on the ugly side and I can’t see it having much appeal beyond a Halloween audience. The background is a blood red cityscape of some sort that doesn’t really offer me enough details to connect with a place and time, and there’s a disconnect when it comes to the symbols.  Some of the symbols are screenshots of characters from the film, so these are “real life” images. Then there are the Wild symbol and the Curse of Frankenstein Symbol which are screen shots with green text overlaid on them. But then we slip into the Q, K, A symbols which are cartoonish symbols of letters stitched up like Frankenstein’s monster himself.  The overall appearance makes the slot game look like it was also created out of mis-matched parts from different bodies. Perhaps that’s part of the theme.

Haunted Reels slot review

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

Today I’m taking a look at a simple three reel slot game with a Halloween theme. Now, you may wonder why I’d play a simple slot game instead of a fancier game. Well, there are a couple of reasons. The first is that though I often play the fancier games for free, I love to play simple three reel games when I’m playing with a few dollars, or even a few pennies, of bonus money at an online casino.  Online casinos sometimes give a new player a little bonus money to try out the casino. If I get $5 to play on, it’s not like I can sit down to a long game of blackjack online.  But I’ve discovered through a little experimentation that a three reel game will let me play for a longer period of time and often I end up with more money than I started with.

Now, Haunted Reels starts with the simple basics of an old fashioned three reel slot game with one, two and three bars as symbols. But to that it adds some of the usual “Trick or treat” fare.  Candy in the game is a treat in that even landing one of the candy symbols on the reels will give you a small payout. The witch is the jackpot symbol as well as a wild symbol. And the Jack-o-lantern will trigger the bonus game.

Yep, this is a three reel game with a bonus game. Now, you have to bet 3 coins to trigger the bonus game, but that can be as little as 3 pennies.  If the Jack-o-lantern shows up in the third reel on the payline, a bonus screen opens that lets you choose from a selection of jack-o-lanterns to reveal a cash prize. You can then trade or keep that prize.  The bonus games are where I usually have manage to boost my winnings. I’ve turned three pennies into nearly $2 this way. Yeah, not a big jackpot, but enough to let me play some more.

Haunted Reels is a simple three reel games but for some reason these are the games I find most addicting!  It’s good think I only play for pennies.

Fruit Frenzy Slot Review

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

Today I’m taking a look at Fruit Frenzy because it’s one of those classic online slot games that you’ll see mentioned often if you look for places to play free slots.  Fruit Frenzy is one of the slot games that reminds me how varied the world of slots can be and when compared with the slots I’ve been playing recently, how much technology has added to slot games.  Which isn’t to say that Fruit Frenzy is a bad game, it’s just a simpler version of slot games and one that depends on a rather carnival-like environment to add interest to the game.  I mean that literally. The game is themed with drawings of various fruits at a carnival.  The orange is dressed as a clown, the banana is the ring master, the grape is enjoying popcorn and the strawberry and pineapple are part of a cannon shooting game.  Other symbols include balloons, tickets and a watermelon cannon.  Win and you’ll be treated to old-fashioned carnival music that will bring back memories of cotton candy and buttered popcorn. Hmm, probably shouldn’t have decided to review this one before lunch.

Fruit Frenzy is a fairly straightforward “spin the reels” slot game with one bonus game on offer.  You have to hit five of a kind to trigger the bonus game where you’ll shot the strawberry from a canon to win 5 or more free spins.  Now, there isn’t any real aiming involved in this bonus game, so it’s low on the interactivity scale.  But those playing Fruit Frenzy for real money will be thrilled with the number of free spins you can trigger in the bonus round, because you can win the jackpot during a free spin. I just managed to hit for 30 free spins. No luck. The jackpot still stands.

Crystal Waters Slot Review

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

Crystal Waters is a fairly simple slot game that I came across when playing some freeroll slot tournaments. I’ll write about slot tournaments a little later, but slot games played for tournaments often tend to be a bit simpler in design.  Now, the name Crystal Waters had me confused about this slot game from the beginning. Crystal Springs is a fairly large bottle water company in my area, so Crystal Waters makes me think of spring water. Or perhaps delivery trucks.  Not the Caribbean. So the first time I opened this slot game, I was little surprised to see that the name referred to the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean and the theme was an underwater theme.  Pleasantly surprised since I probably prefer an underwater theme to a delivery truck theme. (But I bet I can find a slot game out there with that as a theme if I look hard enough.)

Crystal Waters is a five reel, twenty payline slot game that’s pretty enough to look at. The surround is a coral reef and the background a beach scene with waves and sailboats. The symbols are mostly ocean inspired. Mostly because the game does rely heavily on the 9, 10, J, Q, K, A symbols. This are drawn with wavy lines and bubbles as if being viewed while under water, but I can’t help wonder how the designers could have been so challenged with the prospect of coming up with seven more ocean or beach inspired graphics that they had to resort to card symbols. Despite the pretty peaceful ocean theme here, this isn’t a slot game you’re going to jump in and play for the fun graphics.

Now the game does have some bonus symbols and offers, but no separate in-game game. This is common with slots I’ve found used for tournaments. The focus is more on the straight spinning of the reels for quick points, so a bonus game can slow down the winning.  Crystal Waters does offer a Scatter Yacht which will give you 15 free spins if you land 3 of them. And there’s a Bonus Fish on the third reel that substitutes for other symbols.  The dolphins on reels 2 and 4 are also substitute symbols and can double your winnings.  All important in a slot tournament.

Also, if you play slots for real money, Crystal Waters has a progressive jackpot.  With real money players, the term “progressive jackpot” can cancel out all other review considerations if it’s big enough.  And this is a pleasant enough game to play while you chase the big winnings.

Scary Rich Slot review

Friday, October 15th, 2010

This may be the perfect video slot for Halloween.  It opens with a movie featuring all the best Halloween creatures from a mummy to Frankenstein.  If you love horror classics (the old fashion kind with monsters rather than chainsaws) you’ll have fun spotting the references in the symbols used in this game.  That figure holding the Jack-o-Lantern would be the Headless Horseman from “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” by Washington Irving.  Or how about the raven symbol from “The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe.  Dr. Frankenstein would of course be courtesy of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. (Note: Frankenstein was the name of the doctor in the novel. The creature he created was called Frankenstein’s monster.) You’ll also find a mummy (Read Elizabeth Peter’s Amelia Peabody series for some great Egyptian themed novels. Be sure to start at the beginning), a vampire, a witch and I believe the creature that I keep thinking looks like Bigfoot is actually a wolfman.

Spin the reels on this game and you’ll see some great skull action during the spinning.  Three or more Frankensteins (or Frankenstein’s monsters for the purists) will win you 10 free spins. And during the free spins the vampire wild symbol becomes an expanding wild to help with the winning.  The slot game has some nice and sometimes unexpected animation during the wins.  There are no “in game games” with this slot. You’ll have to rely on lucky spinning and those free spins if you play for real money.  Because the scary thing about this slot is how long you can spin without winning anything.

Grail Maiden Slots Review

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

I’m back for more Arthurian slots.  Since I reviewed Avalon slots the other day, I decided to give Grail Maiden a play today.  Besides it was the feature slot at (and I can’t afford real Vegas at the moment).  Now unless you’re up on your Arthurian literature, you may not know who the Grail Maiden was.  Elaine of Corbenic who was the mother of young Sir Galahad, who is Lancelot’s illegitimate son.  She was known as the Grail Maiden or Grail Bearer.

So, that establishes the Arthurian connection. But why can’t slots games take advantage of the wonderful Arthurian imagery and graphics that should be at their disposal? It’s not like these legends are tied up in copyright and trademark battles.  But the slots games seem to go with the bare minimum of symbols.  There is the Grail Maiden, the Grail, a horse and a knight, who could be Galahad or Lancelot but doesn’t resemble my idea of either. He could be King Arthur, because he does have that look about him.  The majority of the symbols are the standard 9, 10, J, Q, K, and A symbols.  They are done in a wonderful stained glass look, however I doubt the medieval churches used playing card symbols much in their windows.

But what about the play?  Well, here is where Grail Maiden is different.  While most slot games have pay lines that you have to chose to bet on, Grail Maiden pays on all lines. So you start with the symbols on the left and look to see if there is the same symbol on an adjacent reel. Then the next reel. It doesn’t matter which positions they have on the reel.  There have been a few games released or re-released with this “all pay” feature and we’ll probably see it more often in online games.

The game also has a free spin feature, though trigger this one is about as tricky as finding the holy grail.  You have to land the Grail Maiden on either reel 1 or 5 with the Knight landing in the opposite position. So if the maiden is on reel 1, he has to be on reel  5.  And you have to land the Grail symbol in between them, though it can be on reels 2, 3 or 4.  To encourage you, the King or Maiden symbol will light up when they fall into the first spot.  But it can bring your money (or virtual money if you’re spinning for free) back up.  You really need those bonus spins to keep the reels moving in this game.

The game is a pleasant way to spin away some time and I have to admit that waiting to see if I can hit the free spin bonus does keep me interested — for a time.  But I think I’m still in search of a favorite Arthurian slot game.

Witches and Wizards slot review

Monday, July 26th, 2010

So, I was tempted into playing this slot for two reasons.  The first is that it is an exclusive slot at Bodog Casino, which means there is only one online casino offering it.  Yes, dangle the promise of something exclusive in front of me and I want to check it out.  Fortunately Bodog Casino has an easy to use “Practice Play” option that doesn’t require registration or downloading, so you can check the game out just by jumping over to the site.

The other reason I had to check this out was that the reviews I was reading kept making it sound like it was going to have something close to a Harry Potter theme.  Fortunately, it has a grown up Celtic look rather than a Harry Potter look to it. Which was a bit of a relief for me.  Not that I don’t enjoy the Harry Potter books, it’s just that turning a series of young adult books set in a school into a slots game felt wrong.   But Witches & Wizards avoids that problem and any potential lawsuits from the Rowling camp by going with the broader Celtic theme.

The slot is a Realtime Gaming slot, which means it relies heavily on the 10, J, Q, K, A symbols to save the trouble of developing 5 more creative symbols.  (Just a personal opinion there, but come on, how hard is it to give us more unique symbols.)  Here the symbols are set against backgrounds that look like elegantly carved Celtic blocks, so I did like the artistic feel of them.  The other symbols on the 5 reel, 25 line game are a Skull and bones symbol, a Book of Shadows or Grimoire, a Witch, a Wizard, A Cauldron that serves as the substitute symbol.

The Wand is the scatter symbol and three or more wands will trigger the Magical Experiment feature which gives you ten free spins that cast a spell on the reels.  Unfortunately, that proved to sound more exciting in the reviews that it proved to be in the game.   During the ten free spins, you can potentially experience the Wild Explosion where a random symbol is chosen to become a wild symbol everywhere it appears on the reels. Or the Wild Growth where any wild symbols on the reels expand to fill the entire reel.  Or the Metamorphia Wild where wilds are randomly added to the reels.  And the Win Multiplication where all wins are multiplied by 2 to 10 times their value.  Despite all the promise of magic, it really doesn’t do me much good to give me extra random symbols on reels 4 and 5.  That might help if I already had a win, but it doesn’t give me a win if I don’t have one.  Overall, I won less on the free spins here than I do on other slots games.

I’m giving this one 3 cups of tea out of 5.  It isn’t a bad slot game and the Magical Experiment feature does give me something to aim for.  But it doesn’t have the interactive feel of other slots games and the overwhelming use of basic symbols doesn’t give it the visual appeal of other Witchy games.  But it does have an advantage in that you can hop over to and play for free without registering or jumping through any other casino hoops.