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Boy King’s treasure slot review

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

Quick, how old was King Tut when he died?  Did you say 19? Or did you think he was much younger because he’s always referred to as the boy king?  Also, he was slightly built young man, so the statues found in his tomb do make him appear younger.  I’ve seen the display in the Egypt Museum and really, he does still appear very much the Boy King.  But alas, as I’ve said before, slot games are not known for their historical accuracy.

Boy King’s Treasure is a game based on an Egyptian theme by the way of a child’s coloring book. The background of this one has brown sand and a blue Nile with the usual pyramids in the background.  Now, if you read this blog regularly, you know I’ve also been inside a pyramid. Which puts me one up on King Tut, who probably never entered one either in life or death. Tut wasn’t buried in a pyramid, which was how he remained undiscovered for so long. (Pyramids tend to be big “sticky up” things that are relatively easy even for inexperienced tourists to find.)

The symbols on the reels don’t do much service to the popular Egyptian slots theme since the majority of them are the 9, 10, J, Q, K, A playing card symbols in a variety of colors. The other symbols  of a lion, a falcon, a cobra and an oddly bright blue hippo look like the developers daughter did the artwork for this one. She does color within the lines very nicely.  Oh, and King Tut’s mask is thrown in as a wild to make sure you know this is his slot game and not that of some other Egyptian pharaoh. Perhaps Khufu or Cheops, since they were actually buried in pyramids. Or you might mistake it for a slot game dedicated to the goddess Isis because I believe the other structure in the drawing is her temple that stood on the island of Philae.

Over all, this is a fairly low key slot game with pretty, but mundane, execution of a popular theme. There is a free spin bonus if you land three or more cobras on the will and the landscape changes to night for that. If you play for money, these spins can boost your winnings, but overall, there are better Egyptian themed games out there.  Check out to find some.

Icy Wonders Slot Review

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

I decided it was time to play some Holiday themed slots. After all, they should be everywhere, right? Except I keep getting slot blocked when it comes to Santa and Rudolph themed slots because I live in the US. Can’t even get them to let me play for free today.  So, I’m check out Icy Wonders slot, mostly by default.

You know how sometimes you discover something by accident and it turns out to be better than what you were looking for in the first place? Well, Icy Wonders is exactly not like that.  Why is there a shark in this thing?  Is he going to eat the sled dog? It has me worried.  Oh, wait, he has a blow hole. Maybe that’s a porpoise or a weirdly drawn whale.

So, Icy Wonders has your standard J, Q, K, A symbols frozen in blocks of ice but it also includes other symbol that indicate a confusion about which pole is which.  We’ve got sled dogs and Inuits and igloos. A polar bear, a sea lion and penguins. Oh, and the shark/dolphin/whale thing. He’s the wild symbol. The Penguin is the bonus symbol.

Honestly, what is that on the top left?

Okay, the bonus game is kind of cute, even if the penguins are completely on the wrong side of the equator.  If I get enough penguins on a payline, the bonus game opens with cute penguins wearing different colored scarves and I get to pick penguins who give me a fishy prize.

You know, I can’t help but think that if they were having that much trouble coming up with arctic-themed icons, they should have just thrown Santa and some reindeer in the mix.

The Curse of Frankenstein slot review

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

Today I’m thrilled to see that I can get back into the demo play site for Skyvegas Casino.  Despite the “vegas” in the name, is actually a UK site and doesn’t accept US players, at least for real money. In the past, I’d been able to visit the site and play games in the demo mode and I love doing so because some of the British slot games are just so different from the games I see on US facing online casinos.  For a while there, I wasn’t able to play on Skyvegas, even in a purely demo game/no money mode, but today it let me back in so I had to check out a Halloween slot game.

I chose The Curse of Frankenstein which is a slot game based on the movie from Hammer Films. I know this because one of the symbols in the game is the Hammer Films logo, which is an obvious bit of advertising placement that I usually don’t see in slot games. But the Hammer Films logo is the symbol that awards free spins — just to make sure players are looking for it.  You can check Google News for more info on the film, but I found a movie poster to share.

There aren’t any bonus games other than the free spins but if you win with any of the character symbols – Dr. Frankenstein, the woman or the monster, the game plays a clip from the movie that features that character.  Just a bit of Frankenstein trivia. The book Frankenstein was written by Mary Shelley in the 1800s and is actually considered an early example of science fiction since the focus was on man’s (Dr. Frankenstein) ability to create life. The monster itself was not named Frankenstein but known as Dr. Frankenstein’s monster. Frankenstein was actually the doctor himself.  But it’s the monster who resonated with the reader over the ages.

Now, as for the slot game – The Curse of Frankenstein, well, I think the curse might be that this game is a bit on the ugly side and I can’t see it having much appeal beyond a Halloween audience. The background is a blood red cityscape of some sort that doesn’t really offer me enough details to connect with a place and time, and there’s a disconnect when it comes to the symbols.  Some of the symbols are screenshots of characters from the film, so these are “real life” images. Then there are the Wild symbol and the Curse of Frankenstein Symbol which are screen shots with green text overlaid on them. But then we slip into the Q, K, A symbols which are cartoonish symbols of letters stitched up like Frankenstein’s monster himself.  The overall appearance makes the slot game look like it was also created out of mis-matched parts from different bodies. Perhaps that’s part of the theme.

Fruit Frenzy Slot Review

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

Today I’m taking a look at Fruit Frenzy because it’s one of those classic online slot games that you’ll see mentioned often if you look for places to play free slots.  Fruit Frenzy is one of the slot games that reminds me how varied the world of slots can be and when compared with the slots I’ve been playing recently, how much technology has added to slot games.  Which isn’t to say that Fruit Frenzy is a bad game, it’s just a simpler version of slot games and one that depends on a rather carnival-like environment to add interest to the game.  I mean that literally. The game is themed with drawings of various fruits at a carnival.  The orange is dressed as a clown, the banana is the ring master, the grape is enjoying popcorn and the strawberry and pineapple are part of a cannon shooting game.  Other symbols include balloons, tickets and a watermelon cannon.  Win and you’ll be treated to old-fashioned carnival music that will bring back memories of cotton candy and buttered popcorn. Hmm, probably shouldn’t have decided to review this one before lunch.

Fruit Frenzy is a fairly straightforward “spin the reels” slot game with one bonus game on offer.  You have to hit five of a kind to trigger the bonus game where you’ll shot the strawberry from a canon to win 5 or more free spins.  Now, there isn’t any real aiming involved in this bonus game, so it’s low on the interactivity scale.  But those playing Fruit Frenzy for real money will be thrilled with the number of free spins you can trigger in the bonus round, because you can win the jackpot during a free spin. I just managed to hit for 30 free spins. No luck. The jackpot still stands.

Grail Maiden Slots Review

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

I’m back for more Arthurian slots.  Since I reviewed Avalon slots the other day, I decided to give Grail Maiden a play today.  Besides it was the feature slot at (and I can’t afford real Vegas at the moment).  Now unless you’re up on your Arthurian literature, you may not know who the Grail Maiden was.  Elaine of Corbenic who was the mother of young Sir Galahad, who is Lancelot’s illegitimate son.  She was known as the Grail Maiden or Grail Bearer.

So, that establishes the Arthurian connection. But why can’t slots games take advantage of the wonderful Arthurian imagery and graphics that should be at their disposal? It’s not like these legends are tied up in copyright and trademark battles.  But the slots games seem to go with the bare minimum of symbols.  There is the Grail Maiden, the Grail, a horse and a knight, who could be Galahad or Lancelot but doesn’t resemble my idea of either. He could be King Arthur, because he does have that look about him.  The majority of the symbols are the standard 9, 10, J, Q, K, and A symbols.  They are done in a wonderful stained glass look, however I doubt the medieval churches used playing card symbols much in their windows.

But what about the play?  Well, here is where Grail Maiden is different.  While most slot games have pay lines that you have to chose to bet on, Grail Maiden pays on all lines. So you start with the symbols on the left and look to see if there is the same symbol on an adjacent reel. Then the next reel. It doesn’t matter which positions they have on the reel.  There have been a few games released or re-released with this “all pay” feature and we’ll probably see it more often in online games.

The game also has a free spin feature, though trigger this one is about as tricky as finding the holy grail.  You have to land the Grail Maiden on either reel 1 or 5 with the Knight landing in the opposite position. So if the maiden is on reel 1, he has to be on reel  5.  And you have to land the Grail symbol in between them, though it can be on reels 2, 3 or 4.  To encourage you, the King or Maiden symbol will light up when they fall into the first spot.  But it can bring your money (or virtual money if you’re spinning for free) back up.  You really need those bonus spins to keep the reels moving in this game.

The game is a pleasant way to spin away some time and I have to admit that waiting to see if I can hit the free spin bonus does keep me interested — for a time.  But I think I’m still in search of a favorite Arthurian slot game.

Avalon Slots Review

Friday, July 30th, 2010

Avalon is a classic among slots games and shows up in tournaments, so I had to check it out.  Now, when I hear Avalon, I think Marion Zimmer Bradley and Mists of Avalon. Now that is a classic book that  offers a fantastic take on the Arthurian legends from the point of view of the female characters.  If you haven’t read it yet, go find it.

Alas, this slot game seems disappointing when compared against the tapestry of history this could have been set against.   Ah, the symbols that might have been.  And that aren’t.  The slots developer must have under paid the graphics designer for this one because we’ve got the 10, J, K, Q, A symbols with an occasional crown thrown on in an attempt to make them seem regal.  The Avalon and Lady of the Lake symbol offer a bit more artistic value done in mysterious gray and shining white.  Avalon is the wild symbol and substitutes for other symbols.  The Lady of the Lake is the Scatter symbol and three or more will win you some free spins.  During the free spins, there  is a gold treasure chest symbol that works as a substitute or wild symbol.   Oh, there are a few other symbols: a gem, a crown, a goblet.  The goblet should be the much searched for Holy Grail of legend, but there isn’t any focus given to it in this game.

Play is pretty basic. Spin the reels and hope to win.  There aren’t any bonus features, other than a “gamble” feature where you can vote on the color or suit of a card.  But nothing inside the game to boost your winnings.  It doesn’t stand up against an iSlot or other interactive game.  But it is a game you’ll see used frequently in tournaments where players don’t want to be distracted by the interactive games.  I think I’ll leave this one for the tournament play and for my own play, choose something more appealing.