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Archive for February, 2012

Boy King’s treasure slot review

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

Quick, how old was King Tut when he died?  Did you say 19? Or did you think he was much younger because he’s always referred to as the boy king?  Also, he was slightly built young man, so the statues found in his tomb do make him appear younger.  I’ve seen the display in the Egypt Museum and really, he does still appear very much the Boy King.  But alas, as I’ve said before, slot games are not known for their historical accuracy.

Boy King’s Treasure is a game based on an Egyptian theme by the way of a child’s coloring book. The background of this one has brown sand and a blue Nile with the usual pyramids in the background.  Now, if you read this blog regularly, you know I’ve also been inside a pyramid. Which puts me one up on King Tut, who probably never entered one either in life or death. Tut wasn’t buried in a pyramid, which was how he remained undiscovered for so long. (Pyramids tend to be big “sticky up” things that are relatively easy even for inexperienced tourists to find.)

The symbols on the reels don’t do much service to the popular Egyptian slots theme since the majority of them are the 9, 10, J, Q, K, A playing card symbols in a variety of colors. The other symbols  of a lion, a falcon, a cobra and an oddly bright blue hippo look like the developers daughter did the artwork for this one. She does color within the lines very nicely.  Oh, and King Tut’s mask is thrown in as a wild to make sure you know this is his slot game and not that of some other Egyptian pharaoh. Perhaps Khufu or Cheops, since they were actually buried in pyramids. Or you might mistake it for a slot game dedicated to the goddess Isis because I believe the other structure in the drawing is her temple that stood on the island of Philae.

Over all, this is a fairly low key slot game with pretty, but mundane, execution of a popular theme. There is a free spin bonus if you land three or more cobras on the will and the landscape changes to night for that. If you play for money, these spins can boost your winnings, but overall, there are better Egyptian themed games out there.  Check out to find some.

Deep Sea Dosh Slots Review

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

Yes, I’m at Lucky Free slots again. See, I found a button at the bottom that says “see all free slots” and this led me to many treasures.  Now, here’s a secret – I have a fondness for the old fashioned three reel slot games.  Oh, they aren’t going to make me give up the fun and fancy 3D slots, but now and then, I do want to play a simpler game.  But Deep See Dosh slots may give me a touch of both.

Now Deep Sea Dosh is based on British Fruit machine or pub type slot.  I think I like “pub slot” better since it suggests sitting down with some Strongbow or Guinness while playing the game.  And since this is a “deep sea” slot game, maybe I should have some fish ‘n’ chips too.

Oh, where does the Dosh come from? It’s a slang term used to refer to money. So, the game is “deep sea money.”  Or in this case treasure, the kind that pirates kept in treasure chests.  Here the treasure chests have sunk to the bottom of the sea where Poseidon keeps an eye on them.  The background and theme here is a basic under the sea look with fishes and sharks.  And fruit because well, it is a fruit machine.

Now there are different rules here than in most slot games. At times you’ll be given the chance to hold some of the symbols and respin the others. Or to nudge one of the reels towards a win.  The important part of this is to remember to check the buttons below the symbol before spinning in case you’ve won a chance to hold or nudge the reels. And if you play for real money, keep in mind that these nudges and holds count as paid spins, not free spins.

Every now and then Poseidon will offer you some “deep sea dosh.”  When this happens, the treasure chests will open to reveal a percentage amount. Then some chests will be taken away. Your offer is one of the remaining chests, but first, Poseidon will make an offer that you can either accept or reject. Reject and more chests are taken away.

Oddly, adding more options to a 3 reel games seems to take away some of the charm.  For example, I get a hold option with Poseidon as one option. Of course I’m going to hold him because he’s the jackpot spin. So I only need 2 more.  So far, that hasn’t worked out.  In fact, I’ve eliminated my chances of spinning for any other win. Playing without holding anything seems to do just as well. The same with the Deep Sea Dosh. The first offer will be around 40%. You do just as well to take it.  I’ll give this one a 3 spin rating. It is a nice game, and if you’ve never played a Pub type slot, it’s worth trying. If it came with a pint of Strongbow, I’d probably bump it up to at least a 4.