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Archive for January, 2012

Ancient riches cashdrop

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

Today I’m checking out Ancient Riches Cashdrop, a slot game about fruit.  Really, it’s about fruit and the occasional symbol that might be Cleopatra wearing a helmet. Oh, and there are some pyramids in the corner because nothing says ancient like pyramids. Also this is one of those slots with offset reels that drives me nuts because I can’t tell what’s lining up with what.

Now there are two objectives here. One is to line up symbols for win. The other is to line up colors to make things explode. Okay, I may not have that exactly right, but I’m going by what’s happening when I play. If I get a line of different symbols but the same color border, they explode and other symbols take their place.  If I line up symbols, regardless of the color border, I win some money. There’s also a jackpot scatter but I have to play for real money for it to work. Yeah, so not gonna do that. But I have to admit – the exploding part is fun.

So, let’s talk symbols for a moment. There are grapes, cherries and watermelons. I guess the ancients ate those, though I’m not sure they had them in the same part of the globe. We also have the number 7, which, well, that’s not how the Egyptians wrote the number seven. Then there’s something that looks like a hand-turkey. After consulting Wikipedia for Egyptian symbols, I’m going with Phoenix, because Egyptians didn’t draw hand-turkeys.  (Note: a hand-turkey is drawn by tracing the hand and making the thumb the turkey’s head and the fingers the tail feathers.)

Hand turkey

Egyptian Bennu or Phoenix

So red and blue symbol is a Phoenix hand turkey, right?

Rounding out the symbols, we have a scarab, a mummy mask and a Cleopatra.  Those all say Egypt as do the pyramids placed in the corner. Okay, they don’t all come from the same era in Egyptian history, but slots aren’t known for historical accuracy.

You know what, I’m giving this one three spins because it does have explosions. And a hand-turkey phoenix.  You can find this slot over at Lucky Free Slots.

Online slots review for 2 million B.C.

Friday, January 6th, 2012

What better way to celebrate the New Year than by going back in time. I’m checking out 2 million BC, a game that combines well, history from a whole lot of eras that probably weren’t 2 million BC. But it is an amusing game. Umm, wait did my caveman just do karaoke? I don’t remember that from Clan of the Cave Bear.  I found the slot game over at online casino suite

So, let’s talk symbols. Our host for this game is a typical caveman, though I’ve noticed he has a beard but not a mustache. Also, he’s wearing clothing that looks like someone knows how to handle a needle and thread. Now a brief look at a timeline for the evolution of man puts homo sapiens at about 500,000 years ago. Go ahead, check Wikipedia Though there were Neanderthals and Homo erectus as long as 2.5 million years ago. So, perhaps our host is a Neanderthal with shaving and sewing skills. Eh, I’ll just call him Ogg.

Fortunately for Ogg, he isn’t alone. He has a cave woman companion with a taste for jewels. Eh, I’ll call her Wilma.  The other symbols include rubies and diamonds, to make Wilma happy. They also include cave art of a mastodon, a club, the wheel, fire, a bit of Stonehenge construction, and a clay pot typical of those used for storage in Crete but here it’s holding jewels. So, we’ve mixed cultures and eras sufficiently enough to drive an archeologist mad. Oh, there’s also a saber tooth lion and a bug. We’ll get to the bug in a bit.

In addition to the symbols, there’s plenty of animation to keep things interesting, including Ogg doing a hip thrust dance move that seems to indicate he needs Wilma to show up and relieve some tension. I’m not kidding. Hit a win on the reels with Wilma and watch what Ogg does.

The high point of the slot game might be the bonus game. You’ll need to hit three diamonds on the reels to trigger it then Wilma comes running to Ogg to complain that Sabby, the saber tooth, has her big diamond. She’s more interested in the diamond than Ogg.  Even after he shaved his mustache and showed off his hip thrusts just for her.

So Ogg goes off to rescue the diamond and we get to choose how he proceeds. The options are sneak, attack and amuse. Now sneak and attack are fairly obvious. In one Ogg sneaks up and steals the diamond from the sleeping Sabby. In the other, he hits poor Sabby over the head with a club. So of course I like amuse, where Ogg sings karaoke to Sabby to earn the diamond.

There are some other bonuses. Discover fire by lining up the fire symbols, you’ll get some free spins. The scenery will change to a nighttime landscape for this and Ogg gets to relax, cook some dinner and take a nap at the end. You can win free spins during the free spins, which keeps Ogg waiting for his dinner.

The Bug works as a scatter symbol of sorts. If you get bugs and acorn on the reels, the bug will gather the acorns and store them on top of the reels. Get three acorns and you trigger the Acorn Drop bonus game. In this game, Ogg climbs to the top of the reels while Sabby prowls below. You have to click on Sabby to make Ogg throw acorns at him. Hit Sabby and win a prize.

But that’s not the only prize Ogg can win. If you score a huge win, Wilma runs out and kisses Ogg. Then she brains him with the club and drags him off for unknown purposes. Though I suspect the purposes have something to do with that hip thrust dance of his because he certainly looks pleased when he gets back.