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Archive for September, 2011

Fruit Frenzy Slot Review

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

Today I’m taking a look at Fruit Frenzy because it’s one of those classic online slot games that you’ll see mentioned often if you look for places to play free slots.  Fruit Frenzy is one of the slot games that reminds me how varied the world of slots can be and when compared with the slots I’ve been playing recently, how much technology has added to slot games.  Which isn’t to say that Fruit Frenzy is a bad game, it’s just a simpler version of slot games and one that depends on a rather carnival-like environment to add interest to the game.  I mean that literally. The game is themed with drawings of various fruits at a carnival.  The orange is dressed as a clown, the banana is the ring master, the grape is enjoying popcorn and the strawberry and pineapple are part of a cannon shooting game.  Other symbols include balloons, tickets and a watermelon cannon.  Win and you’ll be treated to old-fashioned carnival music that will bring back memories of cotton candy and buttered popcorn. Hmm, probably shouldn’t have decided to review this one before lunch.

Fruit Frenzy is a fairly straightforward “spin the reels” slot game with one bonus game on offer.  You have to hit five of a kind to trigger the bonus game where you’ll shot the strawberry from a canon to win 5 or more free spins.  Now, there isn’t any real aiming involved in this bonus game, so it’s low on the interactivity scale.  But those playing Fruit Frenzy for real money will be thrilled with the number of free spins you can trigger in the bonus round, because you can win the jackpot during a free spin. I just managed to hit for 30 free spins. No luck. The jackpot still stands.

Viking Age slots review

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

So I logged into my email today and of course saw the top stories in Yahoo news.  Really, isn’t there anything positive they can talk about?  So, I went off in search of online slot games. Today I’ve decided to play Viking Age because Vikings took a more direct action to solving an economic crisis.  Not that I recommend pillaging and plunder. But in a slots game it can be fun.

Now, let me set this one up. Stirring, thunderous music brings you into the game and a steady drumbeat encourages you to keep spinning on a “slot machine” that’s a giant stone structure set in a field and overseen by a Shield Maiden.  Now, there were real shield maidens. These were women who chose to fight alongside the men and alert readers might recognize the term from Lord of the Rings. Tales of shield maidens were Tolkien’s inspiration for Eowyn. Though this shield maiden seems frustrated at me for stopping to type.  She keeps waving at me and saying “any day now.”

This is the fun of an interactive 3D slot.  Developers are creating characters within the game to interact with the players and fantastic animation sequences even for individual wins.  These are slot games you want to take a little extra time to play.  In Viking Age the symbols include Viking warriors (men this time), a ship, the prow of a Viking vessel, treasure, a rune stone, an axe and a shield. I’ve decided that has to be a shield (it explains the arrows when I win with it) and not a wheel unless Vikings had great rims.

The shield maiden is named Amma and she tends to yawn and get bored if I stop spinning.  But she also cheers me on when I’m winning and if I hit 3 Amma symbols in a row, she summons the warriors to remove part of the carved stones and reveal the multipliers for the free spins.  This shield maiden could be worth her weight in gold — or slot tokens.

Three or more shield maiden helmets awards the Doors to Valhalla feature where I choose a runestone and Amma checks the symbol to see if I’ve won credits , free spins or access to the bonus round. Since I didn’t win the bonus round, I need three or more arm wrestling Vikings to make it to the bonus round  where I to choose if I’ll be Erik or Elgrim in an arm wrestling contest. Then choose coin tosses to determine which warrior wins and how much I win.  The game includes snippets of dialogue between the warriors and who are set in a full rich 3D scene. Play this slot game with the sound on.

Viking Age is a great slot game. I’m posting this blog then heading back to play more!

Enchanted Slot Review

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

I’ve found a slot game that I absolutely love.  This one is called Enchanted and you can find a free play version over at to try it out (just scroll down for the game).  Now, for those who keep track of such things, Enchanted is a 5 reel, 30 pay line slot game.  Okay, standard stuff. Now let’s get to the fun. This slot actually has a PLOT!  As a writer, I am totally amused by that.  Players are invited into a world of mysterious light (enchanted forest) where fairies take flight.  The game features fantastic 3D artwork representing various creatures and items from traditional and non-traditional fairy tales.  I’m seeing bits of Tolkien here as well as a little of Harry Potter influence. Though it’s always tricky to call out something for Harry Potter inspiration since the Harry Potter world was based on so many existing inspirations.  But let’s take a look at the magical symbols.

The surround to this game is a fun enchanted forest theme and the characters, because they are characters more than just symbols, fit right in. Now the two most important characters are Feera, the fairy, and Rufus, the ogre.  Rufus does remind me of Shrek, though this ogre isn’t as articulate. But then, he’s not as evil as Tolkien’s ogres were.  Now, you can hit the usual winning combinations with both Feera and Rufus alone, but if you land the two of them side by side on an active pay line, you trigger the bonus round.  This is a full in-game bonus game.  Rufus has stone Feera’s birdie and you have to maneuver her on the screen to zap Rufus with her spells. When you hit him three times, he turns into a frog and Feera rescues her birdie and flies away.

The wizard in the game is a traditional wizard figure with a flowing beard, magic staff and pointy hat. But it’s the hat that brings to mind Harry Potter because the Crazy Hat is also a symbol on its own. And if you land 2 or more Crazy Hat symbols on the reels, the hat triggers a special reel respin feature where the hat gives specific reels an extra spin to earn you extra winnings.  This extra spin feature is in addition to the more traditional free spin feature you can win with the Spellbook Free Spins feature. Land three or more spell books for free spins and bonus money.

The other bonus I really enjoyed was Tonk’s Tinkering Doors. Now Tonk is supposedly and elf. He looks more like a happy, chubby gnome to me and trust me; there is no resemblance to Tolkien’s Legolas here. But during the game play, you’ll occasionally land a golden key on reel number 5. Tonk collects these keys and when you have 3, the Tinkering Doors feature turns on. Here the reels come to a stop and you have to select three doors for Tonk to open with his key and fix the gears. Every door earns you bonus money.  But really the fun is watching Tonk react to each door you choose. Pick a door near the top and he’ll actually look a bit put out.

If you enjoy fantasy novels or fairy tales, check this game out.  It’s the best done fantasy-inspired slot game I’ve found.

Crystal Waters Slot Review

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

Crystal Waters is a fairly simple slot game that I came across when playing some freeroll slot tournaments. I’ll write about slot tournaments a little later, but slot games played for tournaments often tend to be a bit simpler in design.  Now, the name Crystal Waters had me confused about this slot game from the beginning. Crystal Springs is a fairly large bottle water company in my area, so Crystal Waters makes me think of spring water. Or perhaps delivery trucks.  Not the Caribbean. So the first time I opened this slot game, I was little surprised to see that the name referred to the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean and the theme was an underwater theme.  Pleasantly surprised since I probably prefer an underwater theme to a delivery truck theme. (But I bet I can find a slot game out there with that as a theme if I look hard enough.)

Crystal Waters is a five reel, twenty payline slot game that’s pretty enough to look at. The surround is a coral reef and the background a beach scene with waves and sailboats. The symbols are mostly ocean inspired. Mostly because the game does rely heavily on the 9, 10, J, Q, K, A symbols. This are drawn with wavy lines and bubbles as if being viewed while under water, but I can’t help wonder how the designers could have been so challenged with the prospect of coming up with seven more ocean or beach inspired graphics that they had to resort to card symbols. Despite the pretty peaceful ocean theme here, this isn’t a slot game you’re going to jump in and play for the fun graphics.

Now the game does have some bonus symbols and offers, but no separate in-game game. This is common with slots I’ve found used for tournaments. The focus is more on the straight spinning of the reels for quick points, so a bonus game can slow down the winning.  Crystal Waters does offer a Scatter Yacht which will give you 15 free spins if you land 3 of them. And there’s a Bonus Fish on the third reel that substitutes for other symbols.  The dolphins on reels 2 and 4 are also substitute symbols and can double your winnings.  All important in a slot tournament.

Also, if you play slots for real money, Crystal Waters has a progressive jackpot.  With real money players, the term “progressive jackpot” can cancel out all other review considerations if it’s big enough.  And this is a pleasant enough game to play while you chase the big winnings.