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Rocketfrog slots review

Ugly. Remember back in high school when you were assigned to write a 500 word report on a book and all you wanted to do was write the sentence “it was boring.”  Well, I’m older and wiser and Rocketfrog makes me want to write the review “it is ugly.”  But as teacher once told me – explain why.  So, here we go.

Rocketfrog is a new online casino and poker room on Facebook. Now there are plenty of online slot games you can play for free on Facebook. I’ve played on the Double Down Casino from IGT, though I have to admit SlotFarm is probably my favorite if I have to claim a Facebook favorite.  But Rocketfrog has jumped into the competition for players with a new concept. They are giving away real prizes in some of their tournaments. This includes slots tournaments. So I eagerly located Rocketfrog prepared for some free tournament action.

And immediately ran into a problem. It seems the tournaments run on California time, so none were available in the morning. Oddly, when I checked back after lunch, I still couldn’t get into the slot tournaments. But by then I wasn’t overly eager to participate. See, Rocketfrog is offering prizes supplied by advertisers and the current prize is a free shirt from a DJ with Size Records. Having never heard of Size records or the DJ, I’m really not that excited about winning a shirt. I do have a few t-shirts from giveaways at slots events. About the only time I wear them is when I’m gardening.  So, not an exciting prize.

But the problem with the overall site is twofold. One is that it’s focused on ads. The other is that it was brainchild of Tom from MySpace. Anyone remember MySpace? Now, remember the look of a lot of the MySpace pages. They were often horribly designed based on the principle that if you could add a graphic to a page, you should.  I fled from MySpace.  Rocketfrog seems to be designed on the principle that if you can add the advertisers images to a spot, you should. Which is why the slot game is a game. Nope, no selection. Just one game with Size Record images on the reels. I even checked out video poker. There you have the Size Record images on the backs of all the cards.

I’ll be checking in on Rocketfrog in the future to see if they realize at some point that they need to offer better prizes and that slot players are looking for options when it comes to games.  But at the moment, there are so many places to play free slots with great graphics and great play, that I can’t find a reason to play at Rocketfrog. I’m just not that eager to compete for a shirt.

Caesars Casino will have the CLUE slots

It’s not often that I review a slot game from a live casino. This is mostly because I’m not close enough to a live casino to go play on a regular basis and online slot games are much more convenient. And free. See, that’s another problem with slot games at live casinos, you can’t play for free.  But today, I’m being tempted by news about the new Clue Slot game at Caesars.  Look, here’s a picture of the game in the casino.

This version of Clue slots is designed to be played exclusively at Caesars as a progressive slot game, but it has some aspects that intrigue me because they go beyond the slot play. See, there’s a mini-game called Quick Clue which players who are members of the Total Rewards program can play before they even go to the casino. Now, being a bit of a sleuth myself, I managed to track down a Quick Clue demo on Facebook. I can only play the first level of the game, but that’s enough to see that Quick Clue isn’t a slot game but rather a logic based guessing game like the board game Clue. In level one, I had three chances to make accusations on location, suspect and weapon. Each guess gave me a clue about where I guessed wrong, allowing me to eliminate before the next guess.

In Quick Clue, players solve cases to unlock bonuses that will be activated when they play the game at a live casino. Yep, when Total Rewards players play Quick Clue, which is free to them, their play is saved to their account. Then when they put their player card in the slot game at the casino, it recognizes them and knows what progress they’ve made in the game.  The bonus games aren’t available until you unlock each room.

Okay, I’m not at a Caesar’s Casino (anyone want to donate travel costs?), but I’ve found a list of the bonus games included in the live game. There are four variations of the Free Spin bonus games. Those are the Ballroom Bonus, Kitchen Bonus, Conservatory Bonus, and Billiard Room Bonus.  The Library Bonus round lets player uncover awards or even secret passages. The Lights Out Bonus randomly awards a player a bonus round.  And my favorite. The Dining Room Bonus where you serve three courses to serve your guests until they’re all served or one is poisoned. I need to play this game because I’m not sure if the goal here is to feed the guests or to poison them. After all, Miss Scarlet always got on my nerves.

Lost 3D Slots Review

So, after the last disappointing Egyptian themed slot game, I was in the mood for something a little more promising when a little searching turned up something called Lost. Now I was a bit wary of it, thinking it might have been about that TV show that drove everyone crazy and that I stopped watching because I became as the title suggested – lost.  But no, Lost the slot game is actually a Lost Treasures slot game where we follow Dr. Dakota Bones as he searches for the pharaoh Ah-Amdad’s treasure chamber.  That’s all in the game info page.  Now there is no real Pharaoh Ah-Amdad and if you search for info on him, you’ll turn up the Lost slot game.

Now this is one of the 3D slot games that I’ve become fond of. It has a great background and design that features Egyptian ruins and a sometimes chatty Dr. Dakota. If you play with the sound on, he’ll offer some advice and encouragement throughout the game.  Other icons include a canteen half buried in desert sand, an ankh, the eye of horus, a swinging axe and a blue dog that seems to be standing in for Anubis.

There are enough bonuses here to make even me happy. The best one if playing slots for real money would be the Center Reel Respins. Everytime you win a spin the center reel respins with a multiplier bonus while the other reels hold steady. In slot terms, this means winning more money. There’s also a Center Wild Reel bonus where landing the Cobra Staff on the center reel, it triggers a Wild bonus where wild expands to fill the entire reel and double your winnings.

There are two other bonus games. The Monkey Click Me is one I seem to hit most often. Here we encounter Farooq, Dr. Dakota’s monkey. Farooq only hangs out on the fourth reel where if you land him, he’ll appear between two rows of symbols and reveal prizes as you click the symbols.  I get to click until I hit the “Collect” symbol, so a great way to score a little extra playing money.

The big bonus game is the Mummy’s Tomb Bonus. Now landing four Eye of Horus symbols (a good luck symbol that looks like an eye with a comma) on the reels to trigger this is tricky. I’m beginning to suspect that it happens about as often as I stumble over Egyptian relics, but I persevere.  Actually, I’ve given up preserving after a couple of hours spinning this game. I’m beginning to doubt that it’s actually possible to trigger this bonus game, but should anyone do so, you get to help Dr. Dakota look for hidden treasure. But there are also mummies on the move, so choose carefully.  Four spins because I can’t ever get to the bonus game.

Boy King’s treasure slot review

Quick, how old was King Tut when he died?  Did you say 19? Or did you think he was much younger because he’s always referred to as the boy king?  Also, he was slightly built young man, so the statues found in his tomb do make him appear younger.  I’ve seen the display in the Egypt Museum and really, he does still appear very much the Boy King.  But alas, as I’ve said before, slot games are not known for their historical accuracy.

Boy King’s Treasure is a game based on an Egyptian theme by the way of a child’s coloring book. The background of this one has brown sand and a blue Nile with the usual pyramids in the background.  Now, if you read this blog regularly, you know I’ve also been inside a pyramid. Which puts me one up on King Tut, who probably never entered one either in life or death. Tut wasn’t buried in a pyramid, which was how he remained undiscovered for so long. (Pyramids tend to be big “sticky up” things that are relatively easy even for inexperienced tourists to find.)

The symbols on the reels don’t do much service to the popular Egyptian slots theme since the majority of them are the 9, 10, J, Q, K, A playing card symbols in a variety of colors. The other symbols  of a lion, a falcon, a cobra and an oddly bright blue hippo look like the developers daughter did the artwork for this one. She does color within the lines very nicely.  Oh, and King Tut’s mask is thrown in as a wild to make sure you know this is his slot game and not that of some other Egyptian pharaoh. Perhaps Khufu or Cheops, since they were actually buried in pyramids. Or you might mistake it for a slot game dedicated to the goddess Isis because I believe the other structure in the drawing is her temple that stood on the island of Philae.

Over all, this is a fairly low key slot game with pretty, but mundane, execution of a popular theme. There is a free spin bonus if you land three or more cobras on the will and the landscape changes to night for that. If you play for money, these spins can boost your winnings, but overall, there are better Egyptian themed games out there.  Check out to find some.

Deep Sea Dosh Slots Review

Yes, I’m at Lucky Free slots again. See, I found a button at the bottom that says “see all free slots” and this led me to many treasures.  Now, here’s a secret – I have a fondness for the old fashioned three reel slot games.  Oh, they aren’t going to make me give up the fun and fancy 3D slots, but now and then, I do want to play a simpler game.  But Deep See Dosh slots may give me a touch of both.

Now Deep Sea Dosh is based on British Fruit machine or pub type slot.  I think I like “pub slot” better since it suggests sitting down with some Strongbow or Guinness while playing the game.  And since this is a “deep sea” slot game, maybe I should have some fish ‘n’ chips too.

Oh, where does the Dosh come from? It’s a slang term used to refer to money. So, the game is “deep sea money.”  Or in this case treasure, the kind that pirates kept in treasure chests.  Here the treasure chests have sunk to the bottom of the sea where Poseidon keeps an eye on them.  The background and theme here is a basic under the sea look with fishes and sharks.  And fruit because well, it is a fruit machine.

Now there are different rules here than in most slot games. At times you’ll be given the chance to hold some of the symbols and respin the others. Or to nudge one of the reels towards a win.  The important part of this is to remember to check the buttons below the symbol before spinning in case you’ve won a chance to hold or nudge the reels. And if you play for real money, keep in mind that these nudges and holds count as paid spins, not free spins.

Every now and then Poseidon will offer you some “deep sea dosh.”  When this happens, the treasure chests will open to reveal a percentage amount. Then some chests will be taken away. Your offer is one of the remaining chests, but first, Poseidon will make an offer that you can either accept or reject. Reject and more chests are taken away.

Oddly, adding more options to a 3 reel games seems to take away some of the charm.  For example, I get a hold option with Poseidon as one option. Of course I’m going to hold him because he’s the jackpot spin. So I only need 2 more.  So far, that hasn’t worked out.  In fact, I’ve eliminated my chances of spinning for any other win. Playing without holding anything seems to do just as well. The same with the Deep Sea Dosh. The first offer will be around 40%. You do just as well to take it.  I’ll give this one a 3 spin rating. It is a nice game, and if you’ve never played a Pub type slot, it’s worth trying. If it came with a pint of Strongbow, I’d probably bump it up to at least a 4.

Ancient riches cashdrop

Today I’m checking out Ancient Riches Cashdrop, a slot game about fruit.  Really, it’s about fruit and the occasional symbol that might be Cleopatra wearing a helmet. Oh, and there are some pyramids in the corner because nothing says ancient like pyramids. Also this is one of those slots with offset reels that drives me nuts because I can’t tell what’s lining up with what.

Now there are two objectives here. One is to line up symbols for win. The other is to line up colors to make things explode. Okay, I may not have that exactly right, but I’m going by what’s happening when I play. If I get a line of different symbols but the same color border, they explode and other symbols take their place.  If I line up symbols, regardless of the color border, I win some money. There’s also a jackpot scatter but I have to play for real money for it to work. Yeah, so not gonna do that. But I have to admit – the exploding part is fun.

So, let’s talk symbols for a moment. There are grapes, cherries and watermelons. I guess the ancients ate those, though I’m not sure they had them in the same part of the globe. We also have the number 7, which, well, that’s not how the Egyptians wrote the number seven. Then there’s something that looks like a hand-turkey. After consulting Wikipedia for Egyptian symbols, I’m going with Phoenix, because Egyptians didn’t draw hand-turkeys.  (Note: a hand-turkey is drawn by tracing the hand and making the thumb the turkey’s head and the fingers the tail feathers.)

Hand turkey

Egyptian Bennu or Phoenix

So red and blue symbol is a Phoenix hand turkey, right?

Rounding out the symbols, we have a scarab, a mummy mask and a Cleopatra.  Those all say Egypt as do the pyramids placed in the corner. Okay, they don’t all come from the same era in Egyptian history, but slots aren’t known for historical accuracy.

You know what, I’m giving this one three spins because it does have explosions. And a hand-turkey phoenix.  You can find this slot over at Lucky Free Slots.

Online slots review for 2 million B.C.

What better way to celebrate the New Year than by going back in time. I’m checking out 2 million BC, a game that combines well, history from a whole lot of eras that probably weren’t 2 million BC. But it is an amusing game. Umm, wait did my caveman just do karaoke? I don’t remember that from Clan of the Cave Bear.  I found the slot game over at online casino suite

So, let’s talk symbols. Our host for this game is a typical caveman, though I’ve noticed he has a beard but not a mustache. Also, he’s wearing clothing that looks like someone knows how to handle a needle and thread. Now a brief look at a timeline for the evolution of man puts homo sapiens at about 500,000 years ago. Go ahead, check Wikipedia Though there were Neanderthals and Homo erectus as long as 2.5 million years ago. So, perhaps our host is a Neanderthal with shaving and sewing skills. Eh, I’ll just call him Ogg.

Fortunately for Ogg, he isn’t alone. He has a cave woman companion with a taste for jewels. Eh, I’ll call her Wilma.  The other symbols include rubies and diamonds, to make Wilma happy. They also include cave art of a mastodon, a club, the wheel, fire, a bit of Stonehenge construction, and a clay pot typical of those used for storage in Crete but here it’s holding jewels. So, we’ve mixed cultures and eras sufficiently enough to drive an archeologist mad. Oh, there’s also a saber tooth lion and a bug. We’ll get to the bug in a bit.

In addition to the symbols, there’s plenty of animation to keep things interesting, including Ogg doing a hip thrust dance move that seems to indicate he needs Wilma to show up and relieve some tension. I’m not kidding. Hit a win on the reels with Wilma and watch what Ogg does.

The high point of the slot game might be the bonus game. You’ll need to hit three diamonds on the reels to trigger it then Wilma comes running to Ogg to complain that Sabby, the saber tooth, has her big diamond. She’s more interested in the diamond than Ogg.  Even after he shaved his mustache and showed off his hip thrusts just for her.

So Ogg goes off to rescue the diamond and we get to choose how he proceeds. The options are sneak, attack and amuse. Now sneak and attack are fairly obvious. In one Ogg sneaks up and steals the diamond from the sleeping Sabby. In the other, he hits poor Sabby over the head with a club. So of course I like amuse, where Ogg sings karaoke to Sabby to earn the diamond.

There are some other bonuses. Discover fire by lining up the fire symbols, you’ll get some free spins. The scenery will change to a nighttime landscape for this and Ogg gets to relax, cook some dinner and take a nap at the end. You can win free spins during the free spins, which keeps Ogg waiting for his dinner.

The Bug works as a scatter symbol of sorts. If you get bugs and acorn on the reels, the bug will gather the acorns and store them on top of the reels. Get three acorns and you trigger the Acorn Drop bonus game. In this game, Ogg climbs to the top of the reels while Sabby prowls below. You have to click on Sabby to make Ogg throw acorns at him. Hit Sabby and win a prize.

But that’s not the only prize Ogg can win. If you score a huge win, Wilma runs out and kisses Ogg. Then she brains him with the club and drags him off for unknown purposes. Though I suspect the purposes have something to do with that hip thrust dance of his because he certainly looks pleased when he gets back.

Winter Wonderland Slot Review

I need a slots game for the holidays, so I’m playing Winter Wonderland slots. This is a Vegas Technology slot, which means it’s a bit difficult to track down a site open to US players, but if you aren’t playing for real money, you can still find a few sites that offer it.  I’m checking it out mostly for the holiday spirit.

Now this slot game plays it a bit safe by being non-specific about the holidays. It has snowmen and gingerbread men and a present as symbols, but it also has a sled and a skier and lots, oh lots, of snow.  So much snow that the game rates its own snow plow symbol.

This is a slot game that’s just plain cute.  Take a look and you’ll notice that even the Spin symbol is a smiling snowman. Click him and the Stop Spin button turns into a frown.  The symbols are animated if you hit them for a win. The gingerbread man dances. The present opens to reveal a polar bear and the snow plow even plows snow.

And there’s a bonus game! The bonus game combines skiing, snowmen and presents in an odd sort of way.  You are presented with a snow field and chose a location for your skier to ski to. When hits the spot, a snowman pops up and reveals the prize amount for that spot. You’ll get three skiing rounds after which you can keep the prize or trade for the gift in the box.  Since I’m playing slots for free, there is  a bit less stress in that situation.  I have to admit, I think I prefer games that just award me a prize over those that make me risk my prize at the end, because yes, it is possible to trade for less money.

Over all, Winter Wonderland isn’t the most advance slot game on the market, but if you’re looking for a little holiday fun, it’s worth a few spins.

Icy Wonders Slot Review

I decided it was time to play some Holiday themed slots. After all, they should be everywhere, right? Except I keep getting slot blocked when it comes to Santa and Rudolph themed slots because I live in the US. Can’t even get them to let me play for free today.  So, I’m check out Icy Wonders slot, mostly by default.

You know how sometimes you discover something by accident and it turns out to be better than what you were looking for in the first place? Well, Icy Wonders is exactly not like that.  Why is there a shark in this thing?  Is he going to eat the sled dog? It has me worried.  Oh, wait, he has a blow hole. Maybe that’s a porpoise or a weirdly drawn whale.

So, Icy Wonders has your standard J, Q, K, A symbols frozen in blocks of ice but it also includes other symbol that indicate a confusion about which pole is which.  We’ve got sled dogs and Inuits and igloos. A polar bear, a sea lion and penguins. Oh, and the shark/dolphin/whale thing. He’s the wild symbol. The Penguin is the bonus symbol.

Honestly, what is that on the top left?

Okay, the bonus game is kind of cute, even if the penguins are completely on the wrong side of the equator.  If I get enough penguins on a payline, the bonus game opens with cute penguins wearing different colored scarves and I get to pick penguins who give me a fishy prize.

You know, I can’t help but think that if they were having that much trouble coming up with arctic-themed icons, they should have just thrown Santa and some reindeer in the mix.

Food Fight slots review

Since it’s the day before Thanksgiving here in the United States, I wanted to find a food themed slot game to review. Oddly, there are more food themed slots than I would have imagined. So today I’ve settled on Food Fight because, well, it said something about throwing around mashed potatoes. I’ve decided that if you’re in the middle of preparing Thanksgiving dinner and need a slot game that will help you blow off a little stress, this might be it. Oh, it’s not a fancy or complicated game, but it has some fun bonuses.

The game consists of food symbol like burgers, pizza and spaghetti. But there are also symbols that represent part of a food item and the challenge is to spin all three parts of the item and put the food together. So, there’s an ice cream cone, a scoop of ice cream and a chocolate topping — all as separate symbols. But if you land all three on a spin, you build an ice cream cone and win a bonus.  There’s also a bowl, a bunch of whipped cream and a cherry. This is the fun bonus. (No, not that kind of fun.) If you land the bowl, the whipped topping and the cherry, you launch a bonus game where you get to throw whipped cream pies at different characters, winning money until you hit the wrong character. It’s fun and a lot less messy than cleaning the kitchen if you try this for real.

Okay, this isn’t a sophisticated slot game, but it may give you a momentary break from the holiday stress. And you don’t have to feel the least bit guilty about hitting people with pies.